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About construction machinery and their sales we know everything. Also this principle, that today, when you are about to make decision to purchase the machine the key role play not only the technical specification of selected model, but also factors determining the possibilities of effective and long-term use of acquired equipment.

That is why in our work we pay much attention to the all issues related with the machines servicing. Our employees are constantly improving their skills by participating regularly in training courses organized by producers of distributed by Warynski Trade machines.

Thanks to their competence and experience we guarantee you a fast fault detection, reliable repair and timely performance of all works. We also provide spare parts for all offered by our company new and used machines.

At your request we get to the machines on construction sites. Our mobile service has five fully equipped workshop cars. The response time for the application is up to 48 hours and the maximum repair time will not exceed 14 days.

We are at your disposal

Head of the Service Department: Michal WAWER

Deputy Head of the Service Department: Piotr KONECKI

tel.: + 48 22 631 97 00 wew. 122 lub 123

fax.: +48 22 632 67 69

tel.kom.: +48 663 904 013, 663 904 005


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